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Buying and selling homes is different today, than even 10 years ago. The technology available keeps getting better and better. To sell your home quickly and for top dollar, a few items need to be in place: 

  1. Price - It must be priced right for the local market. It is a Seller's Market right now but appraisers ensure a homes' value so a buyer doesn't pay more than the market will bare. 
  2. Condition - If you want top dollar, GREAT, we want that for you! Let's make sure the condition of your home matches the price. Buyers are savvy and won't overpay. 
  3. Marketing - Your home needs to be marketed to buyers out there so the right one sees it! With The Real Estate Pros, your home will be featured on over 950 websites, social media and more! We are proactive in marketing our listings!

In the light of today's pandemic, we are also proactive in helping people with their real estate needs. It is essential to have a home, a place to live. We work with our sellers, Buyer's Agents and buyers to make sure safety is at the top of the list! More detailed information can be found here: COVID-19 & Real Estate

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